Grease Trap Cleaning Wirral & Liverpool

RPD NW offers you a grease trap cleaning service for your Wirral or Liverpool commercial kitchen. If correctly regulated, grease traps can save you time and money. However, if you do not correctly regulate your grease trap, you will surely run into trouble. This is because grease traps are designed to prevent fats, oils, and grease (FOG) from clogging up your drains and sewers. Thus, if grease traps are not correctly maintained, FOG will enter your sewer and cause a blockage.

The science of sewer blockages

How does FOG block up your drains? When FOG enters your drains and sewers, it will solidify as it cools. Eventually, this will cause your drains and sewers to block. This may effectively shut down your business. Since drains and sewers will become blocked, foul-smelling sewage will back up into your premises. This is something your customers are certain to notice.

How grease traps can help

Your grease trap is perhaps the best means of preventing this situation from occurring. Your grease trap will prevent FOG from entering your sewers. Thus, your grease trap acts as a 'line of defence' against FOG entering your sewer.

How do grease traps perform this important function? By providing a barrier between sink drains and the connecting sewer. Usually, many sink drains will feed into one central grease trap. Why? Because this eliminates the need to regulate multiple grease traps. However, grease traps are only capable of holding a fixed quantity of FOG. This means you must constantly monitor the amount of FOG buildup within your grease trap, perhaps on a daily or weekly basis.

The frequency you must check your grease trap depends on how busy your kitchen may be.

How we can help

When your grease trap becomes clogged, you must clean your grease trap. Since your grease trap is clogged with unsavory grease, you may not wish to carry out this task yourself. Instead, why not consider using our services? Each year, we perform grease trap maintenance for many Liverpool and Wirral kitchens. Our clients include restaurants, schools, public buildings, hospitals and more.

Arranging an appointment

When you contact us, we arrange a suitable and convenient appointment for us to clean your grease trap. During the cleaning process, we follow the cleaning instructions provided by your grease trap's manufacture to the tee. This ensures your grease trap is not damaged during the cleaning process. We have access to a range of equipment that's specifically designed to cut through grease within seconds. This includes high-pressure water jetting and chemical cleaning.

What happens during the cleaning process

During the cleaning process, we drain the grease trap's tank of all waste products. We then clean and inspect the baffles. Following this, we perform a thorough system test. This ensures your wastewater is flowing into your sewers correctly. Our engineer then removes all the waste grease away from your property. Grease is disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

We recommend you schedule grease trap maintenance on a regular basis. This ensures your sewers do not become blocked due to grease seeking from your grease trap into your sewer connection. We are also able to train your staff so they do not commit an act that weakens the effectiveness of your grease trap.

Contact us today

For more information, contact RPD NW today on 0151 201 3455 or contact us through this website. We offer 24/7 call outs for grease trap maintenance and cleaning in Liverpool and Wirral. We look forward to your call.