Drain Repair Services in Wirral

A majority of RPD  callouts entail drainage unblocking work and thankfully underlying damage of most of our clients’ drains is uncommon. However, over time drains like anything else will wear out and need to be repaired or replaced. Your drains may have cracked or completely collapsed due to their many years of service, or perhaps your drains have been damaged from the effects of root intrusion or ground movement and subsistence.


Whatever the cause may be for when drain damage appears, once the drain has reached a state of disrepair you need to act fast to rectify the problem since your damaged drains will be unable to transfer wastewater correctly from your property out to the adjoining sewer or cesspool. Such damage has not been unknown to lead to flooding with associated damage to property and detriment to human health. Furthermore damaged drains can also lead to vermin and rodent infestation and cause odours which will surely offend your entire neighbourhood!

Our drainage engineer who is called out to your property will of course firstly rule out the possibility of the less inconvenient problem which is blocked drains. To achieve this prescription our engineer will employ specialist equipment such as high-pressure drain jetting. Once our engineer is satisfied the problem with your drains is not simply a blockage, a CCTV inspection of your drains will be offered. Our state of the art CCTV equipment allows our engineer to visually inspect the inner-sections of your drains which will reveal the drain’s state of disrepair. If it is determined the drain is in need of repair a number of options will be offered. Drain excavation is usually an option of last resort. If the problem is located in the outside pipe which leads to your sewer or cesspool a process known as pipe relining will be considered, a solution much less costly and inconvenient than drain excavation.

Perhaps the good news is drain repair is commonly indemnified under your policy of home insurance. You can authorise RPD to conduct negotiations with your insurer on your behalf. Just call the office on 07415 104247 for details.

Service contracts for commercial customers

If you are a commercial or public body our engineers have the equipment needed to repair your drains in no time. Past commercial and public clients have included:

  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Colleges
  • Housing associations
  • Local businesses such as restaurants and public houses
  • Car park operators
  • Local councils who are under a statutory duty to maintain roads and public buildings
  • Properties containing privately owned and un-adopted sewers

Why not take advantage of our service contract to ensure the risk of broken drains disrupting your business is reduced? Pre-planned maintenance inspections shall ensure problems are caught early.

Call the office today

Our qualified drainage engineers are on hand 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. RPD engineers are available across Merseyside and Cheshire including Wirral, Liverpool, Southport, Ellesmere Port, Chester and parts of North Wales. You can call the team today on 07415 104247.